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How Much Is a Roof Window in the UK

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Roof windows, also known as skylights, are an excellent way to allow more natural light into attic spaces and upper floors of homes and buildings. Unlike vertical windows on walls, roof windows are installed on angles within sloped roofs to let sunlight shine into areas that would otherwise remain dark and shadowed.

In addition to lighting up dark spaces, roof windows are also useful for enhancing natural air ventilation. The ability to open and close roof windows creates passive airflow, allowing hot air to escape and cool breezes to flow in. This is especially valuable for converting attic spaces into livable rooms.

With such practical benefits, it’s understandable why roof windows have surged in popularity in UK households. Home improvement trends have steered towards architectural designs that maximize natural lighting and ventilation. Consumer interest coupled with innovations from manufacturers have cultivated a competitive market around premium roof windows.

This inevitably leads many homeowners to wonder: “how much do roof windows cost to purchase and install in the UK?” While prices are affected by various factors, this guide will break down the costs on average while exploring the key aspects that cause pricing to vary. Let’s dive in!

Factors Affecting Roof Window Costs

The final price tag for roof windows depends significantly on the choices made in terms of the material, size, style, glazing, brand, and overall quality. We’ll take a closer look at each of these cost factors, including insights from a roofing company in Stroud.

Material Quality and Type

The structural material used to construct the roof window frame and sash plays a role in pricing for both product costs and installation expenses. Here’s an overview of common options:

  • Wood roof windows – Made of durable softwood, hardwood, or a wood composite. Offer a traditional aesthetic at an economical price of £300-800. However, prone to potential rotting and warping.
  • uPVC roof windows – Constructed using weather-resistant, low-maintenance uPVC in white or woodgrain effect colours. Mid-range cost of £500-1,200 with good insulation properties.
  • Aluminum roof windows – Crafted from long-lasting powder-coated aluminum. High-end option ranging from £1,000-2,500 due to structural integrity and narrow unobtrusive frames.

As shown from the varying price points, high-performance materials like aluminum and uPVC cost more upfront but provide better returns from enhanced durability, weatherproofing, security, thermal performance, and noise insulation.

Size and Style Variations

Roof window prices have a positive correlation with size dimensions – the larger the glass pane and opening capacity, the bigger the investment required. Average costs based on common sizes:

  • Small roof windows (~50x70cm) – £400-700
  • Medium roof windows (~60x100cm) – £550-950
  • Large roof windows (~100x140cm) – £950-1,800

Operating styles also impact the complexity of manufacturing and installation to some degree:

Ventilation functions make center-pivot and top-hung windows more costly. Fixed units are cheaper but lack operative parts – limiting natural airflow potential.

Glazing Options

Glazing refers to the glass panes fitted into the window frames. As a critical ingredient enabling natural daylighting, glazing choices also factor into the net cost:

  • Single glazing uses a single glass sheet, providing basic transparency at the lowest cost. However, lacks thermal efficiency.
  • Double glazing sandwiches an insulating air pocket between two panes to better regulate interior temperatures and ambient noise. Adds £100-300 over single glazing.
  • Triple glazing takes protection up a notch with three glass layers total for premium insulation against cold, heat, sound and UV rays. But results in an extra £300-500 over double glazing.

Better-insulated glazing provides long-term savings on heating/cooling expenses and outside noise levels. The extra expense upfront is largely returned through energy savings over time.

Brand and Quality

In line with most home improvement categories, brand reputation carries some sway over roof window pricing in two key aspects:

Product Manufacturing

  • Well-known industry brands like Velux, Keylite, Roto, and Fakro invest substantially in product design R&D, rigorous testing procedures and quality assurance controls during fabrication.
  • This results in better sealed framing, smooth opening/closing mechanics, leading glass technologies, and resilient weatherproofing features.
  • Brand recognition contributes to the higher end costs of big names, alongside actual material/performance quality.

Reputation and Warranties

  • Established brands provide homeowners assurance about extensive industry track records and reliable warranties. Velux offers a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for example.
  • Peace of mind surrounding trademarks and product guarantees justify higher premiums for some homeowners.

In a nutshell, prominent window brands lead price tags due to superior material quality and coveted status from decades of positive reputation.

Average Cost Breakdown

Now that we’ve covered the major variables around roof window supply and installation costs, what prices can we expect on average in the UK?

  • A standard roof window between 0.6-1 metre wide fitted into a tiled roof construction will have an average materials cost within the £550-950 bracket depending on the exact size specifications, operating style, glazing and frame material selected.
  • Factoring in professional installation labor costs on top, most homeowners invest £800-1,500 all-inclusive. Value Added Tax (VAT) pushes this total even higher.

Of course, consumers have endless options to customize their ideal roof windows. Here are a few additional features/services with corresponding upcharges:

  • Triple Glazing – £300-500 extra over double glazing
  • Remote Controlled Opening Mechanism – £150-300 per unit
  • Rain Sensor Automatic Closing – £75-150 per unit
  • Specialty Glass Tints, Low-E, or Self-Cleaning Coatings – £100-300 per unit
  • Skylight Blinds or Shutters – £200-600 per unit
  • 10-Year Installation Workmanship Warranty – £150-300 per unit
  • Professional Internal Finishing Around Openings – £300+ per day

As you can see, fully-equipped roof window installations with all bells and whistles can easily exceed £3,000 or more for premium bespoke setups. Nevertheless, starting around the £800 mark, roof windows still enhance natural sunlight exposure at reasonable value relative to the transformative aesthetic and practical impact on living spaces.

FAQ Section

What is the average lifespan of a roof window?

The average roof window lifespan ranges from 20-30 years. Several variables affect longevity:

Quality craftsmanship and high-grade materials from reputable brands ensures optimal integrity, weatherproofing, and operation over decades.

Proper installation according to manufacturer guidelines also prevents early decline.

Ongoing maintenance helps identify and prevent minor issues from becoming major repairs. Check for broken seals, locking mechanisms, hinge stiffness and other potential warning signs of problems through annual inspections. Also reapply protective coatings and seals every 8-10 years.

With sound product selection, expert installation, and regular upkeep – quality roof windows will brighten rooms with natural daylight for years before needing replacement.

Are roof windows energy efficient?

When properly glazed, roof windows can certainly contribute to energy efficiency:

Double glazing delivers solid thermal performance from the insulating air gap between glass sheets. Temperature exchange between interior and exterior environments is contained.

Triple glazing takes efficiency to the next level with additional panes for even more effective insulation.

Complementary features like Low-E glass, argon gas injected units, thermal break frames, and weatherproof seals boost energy conservation further through roof windows.

That said, single glazing and certain frame materials like wood offer very minimal insulation. Also consider blinds to control solar heat gain during warmer periods. With smart product selections and seasonal operation adjustments, roof windows can maintain comfortable interior environments all year round.

Can I install a roof window myself?

The complexity of roof window installation makes DIY a challenge for most homeowners. Here are some considerations:

Cutting precise openings through roof structures and rafters requires great skill to calculate angles and measurements correctly. Otherwise, structural integrity becomes compromised.

Flashing and weatherproofing the openings after fitting the window is critical. Improper sealing risks leaks, moisture damage and mold over time.

Finishing interior trims also calls for precision cutting and fitting. Any gaps left unfilled will allow air, water and bug infiltration.

Overall, the intricacy of roof alterations makes hiring professional installers well worth the cost for guaranteed watertightness and proper functionality. Expect to invest £200-500 for installation services depending on the job scope. Added benefits include licenses, building code compliance, insurance protections and multi-year warranties against defects. Consider the long-term value against potential problems from DIY uncertainty.

Are there any government incentives for installing energy-efficient roof windows?

UK households can benefit from governmental policies and energy company initiatives that sweeten the investment in eco-friendly home upgrades like energy-efficient roof windows:

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) offers quarterly cashback payments for 20 years to homeowners who install qualifying heat pumps or solar thermal collectors. This can indirectly help fund roof renovations to accompany environmentally friendly technologies.

Feed-In Tariffs (FiT) pay out occupant-generators of renewable electricity like solar PV systems. Added credits help balance expenditures for electrical roof window accessories.

Check with your local council, utility providers and product retailers for additional rebates, voucher schemes and discounted financing promotional campaigns as well. Every little bit helps ease the financial impact of big-ticket environmental home improvements.

Do roof windows require regular maintenance?

Occasional roof window maintenance promotes longevity and sustained performance. Follow these tips:

  • Inspect seals, hinges and mechanisms annually – check for wear/tear, lubricate parts, replace defective seals.
  • Clean exterior glass surfaces every 6 months – use soft brush and mild detergent, avoid abrasive bristles or strong chemicals.
  • Reapply protective exterior finish every 8-10 years – restore water repellent coating and touch up paint on frames as needed.
  • Follow manufacturer guidelines for any product-specific care recommendations – this maintains valid warranties as added assurance.

Don’t overlook minor upkeep for roof windows. Simple proactive steps maximize natural daylight provision for many years before replacement becomes necessary down the road.


Installing new roof windows allows homeowners to beautifully illuminate previously unlit attic spaces with plentiful natural light. Well-chosen roof windows also promote energy efficiency and comfortable living environments through brilliant daylighting and passive ventilation.

But investing in roof windows is no small decision, with the typical price of roof windows in the UK spanning anywhere from £400 up to £3,000+ fully furnished. The majority fall within the £800 to £1,500 installed cost range depending on exact specifications. Energy-conscious homeowners can offset some expenses through governmental incentives.

While roof windows require an upfront budget commitment, the long-lasting benefits for your lifestyle and property valuation make them a worthy addition to consider for suitable homes. As you move forward, weight the numerous cost factors against value expectations to determine smart investments in roof windows tailored towards your unique needs and budget.

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