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Can a Chimney with Cracks Be Repaired in the UK

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Chimney maintenance is critical for every UK homeowner. Cracks and damage can allow water ingress, drafts, vermin access, and even compromise the structural integrity of the chimney. Ensuring regular inspection and timely repairs is essential to prevent these issues from escalating. Roofers in Stroud are well-versed in identifying common causes of cracks, assessing crack severity, […]

What Damages Roofs the Most in the UK

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Roofing materials are exposed to the harsh outdoor elements daily. Over time, this exposure leads to inevitable wear and tear that impacts roof performance and longevity. However, some factors tend to damage roofs much faster than normal aging processes. Understanding the most damaging influences enables homeowners to protect their roof investments with proactive maintenance and […]

What Type of Metal Roofing is Best for Commercial UK

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Choosing the right type of metal roofing is a crucial decision when constructing or renovating a commercial building in the UK. With the country’s varied climate and exposure to elements like rain, wind, and snow, having a durable and weather-resistant roof is essential. Metal roofing has become increasingly popular in the commercial sector due to […]

What are the Three Types of Skylights UK

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Skylights are roof windows that allow natural light to enter a building. Adding skylights enhances lighting, ventilation, and creates an open, airy atmosphere. With recent advancements, modern skylights also improve energy efficiency in homes and commercial spaces. There are three main types of skylights commonly installed across the UK: Below is an in-depth guide on […]

Do Modern Flat Roofs Leak in the UK?

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Flat roofs are a popular choice for many homes and buildings in the UK thanks to their minimalist aesthetic and expansive spaces. However, their unique design also makes them vulnerable to leaks if not properly installed and maintained. With heavy rainfall, temperature fluctuations, and stormy weather, it’s normal for property owners to have concerns about […]

How Long Will a Slate Roof Last in the UK


Slate roofing, commonly utilized in the construction of pitched roofs, comprises slate tiles or slabs. Slate itself is a fine-grained metamorphic rock with natural cleavage planes, enabling it to be split into thin sheets ideal for roofing applications. The layered structure of slate offers robust weatherproof protection for buildings against various environmental elements. In recent […]

Can You Waterproof a Slate Roof in the UK?

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Slate roofs are a common sight across the UK, adorning everything from cottages to castles. Their natural beauty and durability make them a popular roofing choice. However, over time slate is susceptible to water damage if not properly maintained. The rainy climate in parts of the UK means slate roof waterproofing is an important consideration […]

Where is the best place to put a skylight? UK

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Skylights can be a great addition to many UK homes. By allowing natural light to flood interior spaces, skylights create brighter and more inviting rooms. Strategically placed skylights also offer opportunities for enhanced ventilation and outdoor views. This article explores these key considerations for determining the best skylight placement in your home. It also covers […]

What is the Better Alternative to Skylights in the UK

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Natural light is very important in homes as it provides brightness, improves moods, and reduces eyestrain. However, traditional skylights come with downsides like high installation costs, maintenance issues, and energy inefficiency. There are better alternatives that overcome these limitations while still allowing abundant natural light, as highlighted by Supreme Roofing Stroud, reflecting contemporary advancements. The […]

What are the Most Common Roof Repairs in the UK

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Roof maintenance is crucial for protecting your home and preventing costly damage from issues like water leaks or pest infestations. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to regularly inspect and repair their roofs, leading to an epidemic of preventable roofing problems across the UK. Statistics show that 1 in 5 homes currently have issues with their roofs […]